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An exceptional, niche, thought-provoking restaurant with an inventive approach to Indian food, cocktails & wine pairing.
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Inspired by a young Indian princess who lives amongst us in this modern day. Amrina, the restaurant, is a tribute to her, and to all the women around us. 
This is the story of her food, her cocktails, her style, and as we call it in Hindi, her "andaz".
Amrina is the celebration of a free-spirited princess, whose joy and liveliness knows no bound. She is a euphoric world traveller, wine lover, food connoisseur with the soul of a humble and passionate giver. 

This is where we pamper and tease your tastebuds with eclectic food and cocktails, which entail a global approach with an Indian soul. We focus on sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world. 


Your team at Amrina has taken inspiration from different aspects of life and travels to curate a truly special experience - fit for the modern-day princess.

Welcome to her world, cheers !

Conceptualized for The Woodlands
by the dynamic
Kahani Social Group.

Food must be a joy, nothing less. Food must be a celebration of our culture, journeys & self reflections”

- Chef Jassi Bindra 

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